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Competitive Edge Media Group Inc.
Since 1999, our company has been dedicated to designing various tools to communicate with underrepresented groups across Canada. Since then, our recruiting strategy has been very successful at helping both employers and job seekers find employment in Canada.

As part of our ongoing commitment in providing ‘quality’ employment services to Canadian job seekers, we introduced three job boards and related services that are fully-focused on helping ‘youth’, ‘newcomers’ to Canada and refugees/asylum seekers.

  • newcanadianworker.ca
  • noexperienceneeded.ca
  • apathforall.com


In addition to our ‘underrepresented’ job boards, we use our Direct Communication* engagement tools to promote job board postings to more than 1700 offices across Canada that are focused on serving individuals from various groups that are ‘underrepresented’ in the workforce.

Our ‘multi-faceted’ approach to recruitment has created a proven track record of attracting ‘underrepresented talent’ for our partners that include many of Canada’s largest corporations, organizations, and government departments.

Below is a sample of the types of offices included in our regular Direct Communication outreach:
• Employment Centers
• Placement Agencies
• Language Training Centers
• Libraries
• Senior High Schools
• Colleges, Universities, Trade Schools, Adult Education Centers
• Relocation Support Services
• Religious Organizations
• Community and Cultural Centers
• Immigration Lawyers, Agencies, and Consultants
• Social Services
• Law Enforcement Agencies
• Child and Family Services
• Restorative Justice Programs Employment Centers

Over the last 20 years, we have invested considerable time, effort, and money into developing our ‘proprietary database’ that we reach out and target ‘underrepresented’ Canadians in every Province and Territory in Canada.

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